Product Review: LipSense

I was recently contacted by my friend, Sarah Akus, about reviewing LipSense.  Being a lover of make-up, I had heard of this long-lasting lipstick & was anxious to try it!


For the readers who might not be as familiar with the product, LipSense is a non-wax, long-lasting liquid lip color.  When applied properly, the color will last up to 18 hours without budging!  It won’t get on teeth, clothing, glasses, etc.

The sample I received came with a shine gloss to apply on top of the base lipstick.  The colors are extremely versatile, so you can mix shades to create a number of effects.  Additionally, LipSense products will help repair dry, damaged, chapped, or sensitive lips.

Looking to try LipSense yourself?! This product is extremely cost effective at only $25 per tube, & it lasts 6 months if worn daily.


 The color I selected to sample was Aussie Rose.  I typically wear a cooler pink in Summer versus a bold red, so this color was perfect for me this time of the year.


It’s important to mention LipSense is NOT applied like normal lipstick.  See below for a helpful YouTube tutorial for learning now to apply the product.


I tried this lipstick on five different occasions before writing this review.  While the process of applying the product is a little more tedious than normal lipsticks, I did enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to touch up at all during the day.  The product lasted my entire work day, through my workout, and well into the evening before beginning to dull.

I will say that I did have to routinely reapply the gloss to keep my lips from feeling dry.  On a normal day with regular lipstick or when going au naturale, I typically have to apply chapstick or gloss 5-6 times throughout the day, so having to apply the gloss wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me.  There is additionally remover specifically for LipSense.  While I didn’t review the remover, I will say it was not difficult to remove the remaining lipstick in the evening during my normal bedtime routine.

For any lady looking for a long-lasting lipstick, this is certainly be brand for you!

Contact Sarah Akus today, & she will help you select the perfect shade for YOU!

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