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Charlotteans, for the month of July, I had the pleasure of evaluating the multitude of services offered by AJ’s Dry Cleaners.  Growing up, my parents always told me, “The way to acquire more things in life is to take care of what you have.”  I believe this statement through & through, which is why taking proper care of my clothing & merchandise is extremely important to me so I do not have to continuously replace certain regularly-used items…

Throughout this past month, I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the Pickup & Delivery service offered by AJ’s Dry Cleaners at my apartment in Skyhouse – Uptown.  All I had to do was pick up an AJ’s Dry Cleaners bag conveniently located at the concierge desk in my building & fill out the information sheet to get started!  If your dwelling is not equipped with concierge, you can simply pick up a laundry bag from AJ’s Dry Cleaners, leave your dry cleaning bag full of clothes at a predetermined location at your home, office, or apartment building, & AJ’s Dry Cleaners will take care of the rest!

AJ’s has both “Same Day” & “Next Day” delivery services available Monday through Friday.  For “Same Day” delivery, the AJ’s Dry Cleaners bag must be delivered to the concierge desk by 9AM to be picked up, & it will be returned along with your cleaned garments to concierge by 6PM the same day for only a $10 convenience fee!  “Next Day” delivery is always free, or you can also pick up your items the same day free of charge if you work in Uptown or live nearby & would like to drop off & pick up your laundry at their storefront.

See below for a price list of the items they will properly dry clean for you:

Price Lists:

  • Laundered Shirts – $2.50
  • Pants – $6
  • Sweaters – $6.25
  • Polos – $5.75
  • 2 Piece Suits – $13.25
  • Blouses – $5.75
  • Skirts – $6.25
  • Shorts – $5.75
  • Ties – $6
  • Vests – $6
  • Sports Jacket – $8.25
  • Dresses – $13.25
  • Jackets – $9.25
  • Overcoats – $14.25
  • Wash & Fold – $3/lb

Apart from their dedicated dry cleaning service, AJ’s also provides the following options:

  • Spotting They can remove tough stains others cannot!
  • Boxing – After your items are cleaned, they are neatly folded & boxed for safe keeping!
  • Alterations – They are able to make adjustments to your favorite garments within their storefront!
  • Special Occasion Care – Their ultra gentle dry cleaning process is available for your wedding dress, tuxedos, & high fashion clothing!


Coming from a fashionista who is practically OCD & extremely picky about her clothes, I absolutely LOVE AJ’s Dry Cleaners!  The service was timely & my clothing was always handled with the utmost care…  Throughout the month of July, I submitted roughly 5-6 dry cleaning bags filled with laundry, towels, suits, dress shirts, winter coats, etc., & I was continuously pleased with the results!  I can say without a doubt my Winter coats were certainly due for a clean, & I don’t think they have ever looked better! <3

AJ’s has certainly made a regular customer out of me, & I’m positive they will make one out of you as well!  Check them out today!

206 N College St

Charlotte, NC 28202

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“A good place to meet a man is the dry cleaners; things men usually have jobs & bathe…”
– Rita Rudner
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