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“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward

During PSL & red wine season, it is oftentimes very difficult to keep those pearly whites bright & shiny…  If you’re like me, a nice smile is one of the first things you notice when meeting someone new.  Not only is it healthy to have a clean smile, but it is also a great confidence booster!  I’ll admit I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee 4-5 days a week, & I may or may not drink more red wine these days than I’d like to admit on a public forum…  Both of these habits obviously aren’t the best for your pearly whites, which is why I was totally PUMPED about collaborating with Pearl Dentistry in Charlotte to review their professional whitening service!

A Little Bit about Whitening:

Adults with noticeable stains can greatly benefit from teeth whitening.  Over time, teeth naturally discolor & begin turning to an off-white shade. In many cases, teeth can become yellow or even brown as one ages. This discoloration can also be provoked by coffee, tea, wine, or soft drinks. With teeth whitening, it is possible to bring back that youthful white appearance you once had!

If you choose to whiten your teeth professionally with Pearl Dentistry, it will only take about 40 minutes of your time. The fast-acting 40% carbamide peroxide solution works quickly to restore whiteness & vitality to your teeth, leaving you with a fresh, clean & truly bright smile!

NOTE:  Pearl offers FREE in-office BOOST whitening annually with cleaning, exam, & x-rays – a $300 value! <3


Upon first entering Pearl Dentistry, I immediately felt right at home…  Their gorgeous interior featured above is completely my taste (My entire apartment is monochromatic black/white/grey.), & the staff was very welcoming upon my arrival.  I was greeted with my favorite flavor of La Croix (Lime), & unlike other dentist appointments, I was in my private room getting prepped for my service less than 5 minutes after my arrival!

While the whitening paste was left on my teeth, I was able to sit back, relax, & watch anything I wanted on Netflix (Yes, of course, I chose “Friends” re-runs…)!  Also, there was a silver bell right by my chair for me to ring in case I needed any assistance while waiting during each whitening period (I had 3 periods total.).  Overall, the session was very comfortable, & I didn’t experience any discomfort at all.

Check out my results below:



NOTE:  While my upper teeth only saw a small improvement, I can definitely tell a BIG difference in the overall whiteness of my lower teeth.  My upper teeth have always been slightly brighter than my lower teeth, so I am extremely satisfied this whitening service was able to boost the overall color of my lower teeth around the gum line!

After the session was complete, I was instructed not to drink any coffee or red wine for the next 48 hours (Minor setback – but I’ll take it!).  I was also told to stay away from foods that are temperature extremes as well (i.e. ice cream, hot soup, etc.).  Additionally, it was mentioned I might experience some slight sensitivity for the next day or two, but Advil was suitable to subdue any discomfort I might experience.  They provided some Sensodyne toothpaste free of charge to alleviate any soreness I might experience during brushing, & I was on my way!

Throughout the rest of the day, I will say I did experience some slight discomfort & sensitivity of my lower teeth; however, I took a few Advil, & the pain was noticeably muted.  It is now three days since my whitening experience, & my teeth are still at the same brightness they were immediately following my session!

Overall, I highly recommend trying Pearl Dentistry.  Not only are they conveniently located for anyone living in Uptown Charlotte, but their services are a step above the rest!  Whether it is a teeth whitening, filling, or Invisalign consultation, definitely check out Pearl Dentistry for a stress-free experience for you & your pearly whites!


College Street

150 N. College St, Suite 1100

Charlotte, NC 28202


Tryon Street

200 S. Tryon St, Unit 110

Charlotte, NC 28202


“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

  • Mother Teresa


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  1. Kris
    October 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm (5 years ago)

    I will definitely have to check them out. Facility looks beautiful and your teeth look amazing!


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