Interested in becoming a sponsor of The Chic W?!

I am more than happy to team up with like-minded brands/companies to collaborate on all things style-related; however, these posts will be written in my own words & will reflect my personal opinions.  The Chic W works very diligently to establish a valued network of advertisers from which readers can relate to and benefit.

  • I offer very affordable rates with several different ad sizes available.
  • Products may be submitted for review & can also be offered in giveaways to followers.
  • Photographers & MUAs are welcomed collaborators as well.

If you feel your brand/company is a good fit for The Chic W,  then please contact ccwickliffe@gmail.com with Subject: Sponsor to reserve your spot for next month!



Advertising & Gifting

All gifted items are disclosed on The Chic W, & I do not claim to share the views or expressions of those companies from which I receive items.  The Chic W does run ads provided by a third party sponsor & uses affiliate links within this site.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of those who visit our website is of primary concern to The Chic W.  We automatically gather some data from everyone who visits our site.  None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and/or affiliates.



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